GTLA Convention About Anchoring Damages Features Attorney Rob Hammers

Partner Robert Hammers will speak at the upcoming GTLA Convention. The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) is one of the state’s leading organizations that brings together legal professionals for the benefit of everyday people. By promoting networking between law firms, continued legal education (CLE) course completion, and general good practices for attorneys and paralegals, the GTLA hopes to make it simple for the people of Georgia to find and retain trustworthy lawyers when they need them the most.

Each year, the GTLA holds its Annual Convention that features top attorneys throughout the state, with usual attendance at around 500. This year, on April 28th, Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Robert M. Hammers, Jr. of Hammers Law Firm was able to headline the convention with his seminar “Anchoring Damages”. In order to attend the Annual Convention and hear Attorney Hammers dissertation, attendees had to preregister.

As explained by Mr. Hammers, anchoring is the legal technique of using verbal communication to speak to the conscious mind of the listener while also reaching and establishing viewpoints with the unconscious mind of the listener. It is a difficult behavior to master but often proves irreplaceable when a lawyer needs to overcome jury bias, influence the court, or gain more information out of a witness or testifier.

Keynotes about “anchoring” and “establishing damages” that Mr. Hammers mentioned included:

  • How to establish an anchor in an argument
  • Collapsing the anchor of rival counsel
  • Varying voice tones to empower anchors
  • Using anchors when most effective

From all of us here at Hammers Law Firm, we would like to thank the GTLA and all who were able to attend the seminar for allowing Rob this opportunity. With an impressive career behind him and a hopeful future ahead, we hope that he will be able to once again present at a future convention.

For more information, including an interactive slide of “Anchoring Damages” as presented by Rob Hammers, you can click here to visitPrezi’s website. Additional information about the GTLA can be found by clicking here. Lastly, if you would like to retain an Atlanta personal injury lawyer for a case of your own, we encourage you to contact our law firm at any time to request a free consultation.