Reputation is extremely important. Establishing a record as a fair and effective advocate can impact how a lawyer’s client is treated by judges and opposing counsel. An ethical lawyer will have no qualms telling you the truth about your chances of success. Be wary of anyone trying to sell you the moon. If someone’s promises are unusually optimistic, be cautious. An honest lawyer will have no hesitation providing his or her opinion on the good, the bad and the ugly of your case. Looking for lawyers who will be upfront with you is key to finding the right fit.

An easy way to research an attorney’s record is to search for him or her online. Aside from reading reviews left by previous clients and checking any record of malpractice accusations, you should also explore rankings from organizations like Martindale Hubbell, which evaluate the effectiveness of different lawyers and law firms. Martindale is well-regarded because it asks lawyers to review their peers.

Price Range

For personal injury cases, many lawyers will charge a contingency fee, which means that they will only be compensated if you receive compensation from a settlement or judgement in your favor. These arrangements take substantial financial risk out of the equation for clients. While price-hunting can be important, it may be helpful to consider legal fees as a type of investment. When it comes to certain cases, there can be thousands or millions of dollars at stake in settlements or judgements. Choosing an attorney based solely on price could hurt your chances of a successful conclusion to your lawsuit. When compensation for medical bills and lost wages are on the table, it may be wise to choose the attorney you trust, even if the price tag is a little higher.


The key to a healthy relationship is communication. The same is true for the relationship between attorney and client. The hallmarks of exceptional communication are honesty, accessibility and timeliness. When you have a question during your legal proceedings, you should expect that your law firm will be responsive. You should also be aware that an attorney has a special relationship with each one of his or her clients, known as attorney-client privilege. This means that whatever is said between a lawyer and a client is held in confidence. Under no circumstances will your attorney reveal information without your consent. This privilege extends into the court of law, as well. Therefore, you should feel comfortable sharing every relevant detail with your lawyer, no matter how embarrassing. For your case to be successful, your legal team needs to develop the most effective strategy. Knowing every single detail about your case is integral for a successful lawsuit. Once you have chosen your attorney, make sure that the lines of communication are wide open on both ends of the relationship.

The Size of the Firm

This is an aspect that is often overlooked. Is accessibility to a senior partner what you value the most during the legal process? If so, then you may want to choose a nimble firm that has a flatter structure than some larger ones. There is some independent research you can conduct yourself before meeting with firms, but do not be afraid to ask how large a practice is and what implications that may have for your experience.

Choosing the Right Firm

Once you have thought through each of these tips, the next step is to begin talking with different firms. If you are looking for an experienced and dedicated firm in Atlanta that specializes in personal injury lawsuits, then you should look closely at Hammers Law Firm. Our expert team has the resources and determination necessary to get you the justice you deserve. Choosing the right lawyer in a personal injury case is one of the most important decisions of your life. Make the right decision and call today.