Email Reveals Prologis May be At-Fault in Sterigenics Lawsuit

Sterigenics, a medical sterilization plant, released airborne toxins that caused elevated cancer risks to those living in surrounding areas. More than 300 individuals have filed lawsuits claiming they developed cancer or other illnesses due to the company’s negligence. Now, court filings show that Sterigenics’ landlord, Prologis, is also under fire.

Prologis could be facing liability for failing to repair and maintain the facilities as was required by the leasing agreement. The roof and walls of the facility needed repairs, and Prologis’ inaction may have contributed to exposing hazardous gases—including Ethylene Oxide (EtO)—to hundreds of people and their families. EtO is a flammable yet colorless chemical that has been identified as a cancer-causing agent for years now. The first report of the issue dates back to a roof leak request in 2017.

Prologis argues that the company has no responsibility for the tragic events unfolding. A spokesperson for the company stated, “Sterigenics has exclusive possession of the premises pursuant to a lease agreement and is solely responsible for its operations. We do not believe that allegations aimed against Prologis in these lawsuits have any merit and will defend our company accordingly.”

Attorney Rob Hammers is representing a victim in this case. Our client lived in Smyrna, a few miles away from the Sterigenics plant, with their four-year-old daughter, who has had leukemia for two years, and her sister, born with a genetic abnormality. We believe the negligence of both Sterigenics and Prologis led to the family’s developing leukemia, lymphoma, and breast cancer. Hammers Law Firm is fighting for our client and the hundreds of others who have suffered significant damages and losses from these companies. If you have been affected by the release of these toxins, reach out to our firm right away to discuss your case.