Blind Spot Large Truck Accidents in Mableton, Georgia

The blind spot presents a risk to any driver, but especially to those of large trucks. Even though truck drivers are generally well-trained, just one oversight can cause a catastrophic accident. Truck drivers who are changing lanes, stopping, and turning should not forget to check their blind spots. When negligent drivers fail to do so and hurt others, we’re here to demand the compensation that victims need.

Tractor trailers, commercial trucks, and buses are quite large. They therefore have much larger blind spots on the sides and in the back compared to other vehicles. Drivers or pedestrians in Mableton, Georgia who enter these blind spots are at risk of serious injury or death. Anyone driving large or oversized vehicles has a duty to carefully check blind spots. This duty certainly applies when changing lanes and turning. But the most responsible drivers will continually check their blind spots so they are aware of their surroundings. They will also use their mirrors well in advance of lane changes, turns, and stops.

During lane changes, it’s easy for a truck driver to not see a vehicle or pedestrian in the blind spots. The same is true when turning left or right and when merging lanes. If it’s dark or weather conditions are adverse, the risk of an accident increases. Of course, a truck accident is also more likely if the driver is engaging in negligent behaviors. If you’re an accident victim in Mableton, Georgia and were in the other driver’s blind spot, let our Madleton truck accident lawyers know. We will investigate what happened and let you know what legal rights you have.

Part of our accident investigation is to determine to what degree the victim may have been responsible for the wreck. Automobile accident cases in Mableton, Georgia have to consider the relative fault of both parties. This is especially true with respect to blind spot accidents, which can be difficult to prove. The truck driver might have failed to check blind spots, but negligent behavior by the victim could weaken the case. For instance, the victim driver may have been doing the following:

  • Cruising in the blind spot
  • Speeding
  • Jumping lanes
  • Not using headlights in dark or adverse conditions
  • Texting or otherwise driving while distracted

The presence of these and other actions on the part of the victim can potentially lessen their recovery. Insurance companies will try to find anything they can to take away from the truck driver’s negligence. But Mableton, Georgia automobile accident attorneys often find that insurance companies exaggerate or even make up these behaviors. If you’re facing an insurance company that is denying your claim, turn to Hammers Law Firm.

Sometimes courts believe that assigning liability to the truck driver alone is too difficult. After all, it can be hard to show what exactly the driver was doing when the accident happened. There’s no way to absolutely prove that the driver failed to check their blind spots. But our Mableton, Georgia automobile accident law firm will aggressively investigate to get to the truth.

That will likely mean getting detailed statements from you and the other driver about the accident. It will probably include checking the driver’s or trucking company’s records to identify related instances. And if we can find witnesses to the accident, we will speak with them too. We go to work for our clients and demand the compensation they need to heal from their injuries.

If You’ve Been in a Large Truck Accident, Give Us a Call

The specific facts of every large truck accident are critical to determining fault and calculating damages. Blind spot trucking accidents are unfortunately common, and insurance companies look for reasons to deny claims. At Hammers Law Firm, we’re here to help with your large truck accident. Before you talk to the insurance company, schedule a consultation in our Mableton, Georgia office.