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Deciding to employ the services of a nursing home is never easy. Deep down, many of us feel an innate desire to personally care for a loved one who is entering their twilight years. We can recall the care our parents provided us as children. Later in life, we can begin to appreciate their sacrifices more fully, especially if we become parents ourselves. In a perfect world, many of us would like to return those favors personally; but not everyone has the time and resources to do so properly. If we decide that our loved ones require more help than we are able to provide ourselves. Then we look at other options for their care, namely nursing homes. After extensive research, families will choose a nursing home that best suits the needs of their loved one, their budget, and their location.

Unfortunately, not every nursing home is worthy of the trust and resources that families invest in them. In some cases, loved-ones experience abuse while in the “care” of nursing home employees. If you or a loved one has experienced this type of abuse, then keep reading this blog to learn more about your rights and choices. Most importantly, keep reading to learn what next steps you should take and how to contact an expert Atlanta-based legal team that will fight on your behalf.  

What Constitutes Abuse

Nursing home abuse can come in a variety of forms, such as:


Imagine being confined to your bed for all hours of the day and night, save for a few hours of recreational time in the common area. Your health is at the mercy of a nursing home professional. Without adequate care, patients can develop bed sores which can cause infections and be life-threatening. Also, without the right sustenance, patients can suffer malnutrition and dehydration, both of which can be life-threatening.

Physical abuse: Some employees at nursing homes have no right to be around the elderly and vulnerable. As disgusting as it sounds, some will actually engage in the physical abuse of their residents.

Sexual abuse:

Once again, this is painful even to think about, but some staff members engage in unwanted sexual advances on residents in nursing homes.

Emotional abuse:

Although this type of mistreatment does not leave physical scars; it can be just as damaging as the other types of abuse listed here. Emotional abuse may include anything from isolation to verbal assaults.

Financial abuse:

Some staff members or owners of nursing homes will take advantage of the weakened physical and mental state of their residents to exploit them financially. Without the vigilance of loved ones, this abuse can last for years without detection. 

 Pursuing Justice

For each one of the types of abuse listed above, it may be possible to press charges against those employees. Owners are responsible for the suffering of a loved one. These types of criminal charges may result in jail time and fines imposed on the guilty parties. That is certainly a form of justice served. However, that may not suffice. For loved ones and families who have suffered due to the negligence or malice of nursing home staff, pursuing a civil case may be an additional way to secure justice. In these cases, plaintiffs will seek monetary damages from the defendants. Juries or judges may award compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, or even emotional trauma.

Those who have violated the trust bestowed upon them by families and their elderly loved ones should be held accountable before the law to its fullest extent. With the option to pursue civil lawsuits in addition to criminal charges, victimized individuals and families may begin the process of healing that they deserve.

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