Worst Traffic Times in Atlanta, GA

After some years of decline, The City in a Forest — Atlanta, Georgia — has reclaimed its status as a home to more than half a million citizens. Its neighborhoods are filled with great local restaurants, and the real estate market is booming.

Traffic, however, leaves quite a bit to desire. After all, congested roads and occasional traffic jams are an expected part of big-city life. Nevertheless, whether you are new to Atlanta or a long-time resident frustrated by all the cars on the road, some updates on the busiest traffic times will help you get where you need to go with less stress.


Rush Hours and Traffic Jams

If you travel to and from work, you may not have a lot of choices about when you’re on the road or even which roads you travel. And no matter what time you hit the road in a bustling city like Atlanta, there’s no guarantee of smooth sailing. Car accidents, construction, and other unexpected delays can slow down even the most well-planned commute.

However, there are definitely better and worse times to be driving. In general, it’s best to avoid the 7–9 a.m. morning rush and the 4–7 p.m. evening rush if possible. Traffic can remain busy as late as 10 p.m.

If it’s possible, traveling after 10 p.m. will increase your chances of avoiding heavy traffic. But no matter your location or where you’re headed, the ideal time to drive through Atlanta is from around 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Navigate Atlanta Traffic Like a Pro

There are several things you can do to make your time spent on the road more pleasant. In addition to avoiding rush hours, consider the following tips:


1. Use a Traffic App

Even if you know Atlanta’s roads like the back of your hand, a traffic app can warn you about truck accidents and other incidents that can slow you down. It will also help keep you from adding to the congestion.


2. Plan Ahead

If you’ve got tickets to a game or reservations at the hottest new eatery, give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Parking is limited in the city, which means even searching for a spot can take up a lot of time. Traffic patterns can change at any time, but if you plan a route, research parking options, and leave a little earlier, you should arrive on time and unstressed.


3. Don’t Drive on the Inner Right Lane

Atlanta’s highways connect with dozens of exit-only routes. But its signage doesn’t always provide enough warning that the right lane will soon be an exit-only lane. And that means visitors and new residents may not yet be familiar with which lanes lead them off of the highway.

Finding a safe place to turn around and locating the closest re-entry point can take a lot of time. Staying in the middle lanes until you near your exit will help the flow of traffic and make your drive a less frustrating experience.


4. Stay Courteous

Sitting in heavy traffic and watching as your gas tank depletes is frustrating for everyone. Getting mad and driving aggressively won’t help. In fact, aggressive driving maneuvers like speeding kill upwards of 12,150 people each year.

Cutting off other drivers, refusing to let others merge, or driving recklessly because you’re frustrated only adds to the problem. You could cause a catastrophic injury to a pedestrian or a passenger in your car. Keep traffic running smoothly by following all traffic laws and practicing patience.


Enjoy Your Time on the Road in Atlanta

Whether you visit or relocate to a bustling city like Atlanta, you need to understand that heavy traffic is part of the bargain.

Stay off the roads during rush hours, if possible, and plan your routes ahead of time. Using a driving app will help you avoid congestion. But even on those days when traffic is slow, remember to keep your wits about you and use some of those good Southern manners with other drivers.


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