Our personal injury attorneys will be representing a woman named Camella Jackson in a negligence suit after her infant son’s skull was fractured in an Atlanta daycare. Georgia daycares get millions of dollars from the government to care for the state’s vulnerable children. However, 11Alive’s investigative team found that some Atlanta daycares have been cited hundreds of times over the past three years for many violations putting Georgia children at risk.

Ms. Jackson chose a daycare carefully for her son, Hunter, in December 2016. Safety was her top priority, and she visited the daycare, Sunshine House, twice before deciding to register Hunter. Ms. Jackson wanted a safe place where her son would be taken care of while she went to work. Three months later, she found Hunter at the daycare with a golf-ball sized lump on his head when she picked him up after work.

Not only did the workers at the daycare allegedly not realize the knot was there, but they also didn’t know how it happened. Ms. Jackson found out about the lump herself, as none of the staff had bothered to call. She immediately took Hunter to the hospital, where the doctors told her he had a fractured skull.

Hunter was almost a year old when the incident occurred. He is now healing and wearing a foam helmet to protect his skull as it recovers.

The incident is being investigated by the Georgia Department of Early Learning, and the Sunshine House has declined any interviews, only remarking by e-mail that the health and welfare of the children under their care are the highest priority. The Villa Rica daycare, however, has been cited at least seventeen times in the past four years for violations ranging from lacking fingerprint record checks for employees to fencing issues that could be hazardous to children. During those four years, it also collected $221,000 from a federally funded state program from Child Care and Parent Services.

Sunshine House is closing on May 26, 2017, claiming low attendance, rather than claims of negligence, are what caused the necessity. 11Alive will be reporting on the case tonight, and it is featured on their website here.

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