Falling Debris Causes Fatal Crash Near Six Flags, Georgia

Interstate-20 was shut down the morning of Friday, September 20, due to a multi-car accident in Cobb County. Falling debris causes a fatal crash. At about 10:40 a.m., the Cobb County Police Department tweeted that an accident had shut down the eastbound lanes of the interstate. The road was closed for about an hour. The police left the right shoulder open for limited traffic while they cleaned up the accident scene.

Witnesses say that they saw debris fall on top of the victim’s car, but they’re not sure where the debris came from. The person driving the affected car died at the scene. So far, authorities have no confirmed if there were any other injuries or deaths. There doesn’t appear to be any.

When the debris hit the first car, it started a chain reaction. It caused the car to smash into a fellow motorist on the Eastbound lanes of Interstate – 20. The accident took place right near the Six Flags exit toward Fulton Industrial. This was east of the Riverside Parkway.

It would be interesting to learn exactly where this debris came from and how it ended up hitting the first car. Authorities also didn’t specify exactly how many cars were involved in the crash.

The names of the victims have not been released yet. Nor has the condition of any of the people involved.

Accidents like this can be frustrating, especially for the family members of the victims. When your loved one gets hurt, you want someone to blame. While this gives little consolation to the family of the person who died, it at least gives them the information they crave.

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