Elderly Couples Killed in Valdosta Crash on Way to Church

Usually, people tend to get into an accident within a few miles of their home. We all remember our parents warning us that more people die within 5 miles of their home than anywhere else. Besides, most of us don’t tend to drive all that far, unless it’s on our commute to work. Sadly, for an elderly couple from Florida, their drive to Valdosta, Georgia proved to be too much.

John Douglas Lang and his wife, Marilyn Lang, traveled from Florida each week to go to church in Valdosta. They lived in Florida but made the long trek to visit their church congregation each week. John Lang was 84-years old and his wife was 74-years old.

While traveling at around 10 a.m., the Langs car was hit by a passenger van. The crash happened at the intersection of Madison Highway and South Patterson Street. Both Mr. And Mrs. Lang were killed in the crash. They were pronounced dead at the scene by the county coroner. No autopsies are expected as they were both said to have died due to blunt force trauma.

The driver of the passenger van who hit them suffered only minor injuries. He wasn’t even required to go to the hospital. The identity of the other driver has not yet been released. The authorities did actually notify the family of the victims but they have not released a statement.

The police haven’t said what caused the passenger van to crash into the SUV being driven by the Langs. Nor have any charges been filed as of yet. The investigation is still ongoing.

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