Are New Seat Belt Laws and Nursing Home Regulations on the Horizon in Georgia?

Every year, legislators talk about all the new laws they want to pass. We usually see a ton of bills presented but very few pass. Most bills, especially those dealing with things like driver safety, tend to die in the General Assembly. However, this year, there are two new laws that experts think will attract a lot of discussion and attention.

Two years ago, Georgia passed very strict distracted driving laws. This time, the issue revolves around seat belts. Currently, the law in Georgia requires that all front passengers and drivers wear seat belts, regardless of their age. However, only people 17- year old or younger are required to wear belts while riding in the backseat.

The new law would be a lot tougher. It would require all drivers and passengers to wear a seatbelt, regardless of their age. While laws like this normally wouldn’t pass, this one is expected to have some teeth. Safety experts believe that wearing a seat belt would prevent serious bodily injury and death. Given the impact stricter distracted driving laws have had, it would be surprising if this law didn’t pass.

The other law that is pending is one requiring the Georgia government have greater oversight over the way nursing homes treat their residents. With nursing home abuse and neglect on the rise, legislators are looking to make the government accountable for this. The laws would require more inspectors to be assigned to assisted living facilities, especially those run by private owners. This should help crack down the incidence of this type abuse.

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