Smyrna Paragard Injury Lawyer

Long hailed as one of the most effective commercially available methods of birth control, the Paragard intrauterine device (IUD) is unfortunately not without its risks. On top of various potential side effects that can sometimes have lasting impacts, some Paragard users have sustained life-altering injuries due to the device becoming dislodged after implementation and/or breaking during removal.

If you were seriously hurt because of a defect in your Paragard IUD, you may have grounds for financial recovery through civil litigation that a qualified defective products attorney could help you pursue. With guidance from a Smyrna Paragard injury lawyer, you could have a much better chance of protecting your long-term interests by obtaining fair compensation in the short term.

Potential Injuries from Paragard’s IUD

Even when implemented correctly and functioning properly, the Paragard IUD still has some known side effects that may occur in certain women, including:

  • Bleeding between menstrual cycles
  • Longer and more painful menstrual cycles
  • Discharge
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

Rarely, IUD use has also been connected to an increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancies, which occur when a fetus implants inside one of the fallopian tubes rather than in the uterus.

Potentially far more dangerous, however, are injuries that may occur during improper insertion of the device, or because of a defect in the device after being put in place. Dislodged or broken IUDs can cause perforations in uterine tissue, potentially leading to severe infections and other internal injuries.

Worst of all, further complications with this kind of injury or with removing a defective Paragard IUD can unfortunately lead to hysterectomies. No matter what specific injuries you sustained due to a flawed IUD, a Smyrna Paragard injury attorney could help you take full advantage of your legal right to pursue civil recovery afterwards.

Recoverable Damages Through a Successful Claim

As with other forms of product liability and personal injury litigation, the value of a Paragard IUD injury claim depends on the severity of your injuries and the extent to which those injuries impact you for months, years, or decades to come. Virtually every successful case pursued over a defective Paragard device should allow recovery for the full value of excess medical bills and rehabilitative treatments necessary to care for your injuries, as well as any wages or salary lost during time spent recovering while out of work.

Depending on the circumstances, recovery for non-economic forms of harm such as physical pain and psychological trauma may be recoverable, and any injury that has permanent consequences could allow recovery for lost enjoyment/quality of life, future medical expenses, and other financial costs of long-term disability or disfigurement. There might also be other losses that a Paragard injury lawyer in Smyrna could discuss in detail, if applicable.

Talk to a Smyrna Paragard Injury Attorney Today

Everyone should be able to trust that the medical products that they use for help with birth control will function properly and be safe to use as instructed. Unfortunately, far too many people have already sustained serious financial and personal losses due to defective Paragard IUDs, and additional similar cases are popping up all the time.

In a scenario like this, support from a knowledgeable legal professional could make a world of difference in how effectively you can protect your rights and preserve your prospects despite the harm you experienced. Call today to learn how a Smyrna Paragard injury lawyer could potentially help you.