Smyrna Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

When you visit locations such as grocery or department stores, you are most likely focusing on your reason for being there and expect the premises to be hazard-free. Unfortunately, negligent stores or other business owners may fail to fix or warn you of hazards, and the result of their carelessness can be devastating.

When you suffer injuries and other losses while visiting a business, personal injury statutes could entitle you to collect compensation to cover expenses and damages from the liable party. Schedule to meet with a Smyrna commercial property premises liability lawyer to review your case. Our team of dedicated premises liability attorneys at The Hammers Firm is prepared to stand up for your rights.

Common Commercial Property Premises Liability Claim Hazards

Store and other commercial property owners must protect customers and guests from suffering harm in avoidable accidents during their visit. Some common defects and hazards that lead to lawsuits include:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Negligent security
  • Elevator or escalator problems leading to accidents
  • Potholes and other parking lot and sidewalk defects
  • Slippery floors from spills or people tracking in rain or ice
  • Recently mopped or waxed floors leading to slips and falls
  • Merchandise or other tripping hazards lying in the walkways
  • Burn injuries resulting from blocked fire exits and other building code violations

A proactive Smyrna commercial property premises liability attorney could conduct an in-depth investigation and review the evidence to determine the cause of the accident.

The Premises Liability Doctrine

Georgia’s premises liability doctrine dictates that commercial property owners, possessors, or managers have a specific legal obligation to ensure all areas customers have access to are safe. They must make appropriate efforts to minimize risks and accidents on the property. When those responsible fail to do consistent inspections and maintain the property as laws require, they are liable for the damages resulting from their negligence.

There are three primary visitor types under state premises liability laws, and those include:

The Invitee

Most commercial property premises liability cases result from the first group—invitees—sustaining damages in an accident while visiting the establishment. Invitees are people who enter for business purposes that benefit the owner, such as visiting a convenience store to make a purchase. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-3-1 provides that civil laws hold owners financially accountable for damages that occur because they fail to meet the duty of care requirement.

The Licensee

Licensees enter properties for personal reasons and are neither customers nor employees of the landowner. The owner or manager is responsible for damages due to their willful or intentional actions.

The Trespasser

Trespassers access properties for their own purposes, and landowners do not owe them a responsibility to keep the grounds safe or warn of potential risks. A knowledgeable commercial property premises liability lawyer in Smyrna could help determine which group a person falls within and whether there are grounds for a lawsuit after reviewing the case.

Schedule to Meet a Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney in Smyrna

Many accidents—such as trips, slips, or falls—are scary, embarrassing, or even traumatic, but the individual suffers minimal harm that will heal without seeking medical care. However, when the person responsible for maintaining the property is negligent, and someone sustains severe bodily harm, they have every right to expect the negligent party to pay for their damages and losses.

Call a Smyrna commercial property premises liability lawyer at The Hammers Firm to schedule a free consultation to review your legal options. The sooner you gather evidence after the incident, the better your chance of finding the necessary evidence to establish fault.