Smyrna Neck and Back Injury Lawyer

When someone else’s action or inaction causes your neck or back injury, Georgia law may provide a path for you to recover a financial award. While a monetary award cannot undo what has been done to you, it could relieve the pressure from the impact the injury has on your life.

Working with a Smyrna neck and back injury lawyer may enable you to maximize the damages you receive in your case. Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys understand the laws in personal injury cases, like those involving car accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products. The Hammers Firm has extensive experience fighting for those throughout Georgia who are hurting because of wrongs done to them.

What Types of Neck and Back Injuries Qualify for Legal Damages?

Georgia law allows injured parties to recover compensation as long as they can prove someone else’s actions caused them harm. Here are examples of neck and back injuries people might incur and receive a monetary award for:

Additionally, people can injure their neck or back muscles during sports like hockey, football, or soccer. If doctors fail to diagnose a tumor in someone’s neck or back, the impacted patient may also qualify for compensation.

A seasoned Smyrna neck and back injury attorney understands that people can injure their bodies in many ways. They have special training to identify what evidence is most beneficial to prove a case. They also know how to draw a connection between someone’s actions and another’s injuries.

When Can Someone Get Compensation for a Neck or Back Injury?

Georgia law enables people with neck and back injuries to file lawsuits against negligent doctors, drivers, business owners, and others. To win their cases, plaintiffs need to show someone else caused or worsened their injuries. For example, they might need to establish that a careless driver caused a car accident, and they sustained whiplash from it.

Under Georgia law, injured parties can only receive compensation if a judge determines they share less than 50 percent of the blame for their injuries. The judge reduces the plaintiff’s total compensation package by the responsibility they carry for the accident. For example, if an injured party is five percent at fault, they may receive 95 percent of their total damages.

Proving liability under Georgia’s complex negligence laws can be difficult for injured people to do while also managing their day-to-day obligations. An experienced Smyrna lawyer serves as a vital resource for people with neck and back injuries by advising them of their rights and helping them estimate their damages. A proactive attorney also talks to third parties (like insurance companies) and steers settlement talks.

Enlist the Help of a Neck and Back Injury Attorney in Smyrna

If you have a hurt back or neck, you understand how painful it may be to complete daily tasks. While filing a lawsuit cannot rewind the clock, it does allow you to tell your story and seek justice for what you have gone through. Rather than taking on this responsibility alone, consider hiring a trusted attorney to help you during the legal process.

Our knowledgeable lawyers and staff devote our time and resources to helping those injured by negligence or carelessness. We understand what people are going through when they call us and seek to use our time and resources to assist them. Call to schedule an appointment with a Smyrna neck and back injury lawyer at The Hammers Firm.