Smyrna Knee Injury Lawyer

Damage to your knees can impact your ability to walk, sit, stand, or engage in other activities like sports. If your knee was hurt in an auto wreck, slip and fall, or other accident, Georgia law may empower you to file a lawsuit to recover damages with the help of one of our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys. If you are successful in your case, you may be eligible to receive money for your healthcare costs and pain and suffering.

A Smyrna knee injury lawyer at The Hammers Firm could help you draw up a claim to file against the at-fault party. Many people who suffer knee injuries find that juggling a legal case alone can be challenging, especially during the healing process. We could help give you space for recovery.

Frequent Causes of Knee Injuries

Knee injuries may arise during sports, especially high-impact sports (like football) or ones that involve significant running or maneuvering (like soccer or basketball). People could also develop knee injuries from getting into a wreck—such as a bike crash, truck accident, or collision with another vehicle. Slip and falls may also damage the ligaments and tendons in and around the knee.

Likewise, if someone trips on something (like crumpled carpet or clutter) and falls on their knee in an awkward manner, the knee could break or experience a strain. Doctors may also cause or worsen an injury to their patient’s knee during surgery to address another leg condition or because of a misdiagnosis. For example, the doctors may be operating on a patient’s leg to correct a break and cause damage to the knee.

Our qualified knee injury attorneys in Smyrna understand what is needed to determine the cause of your condition. They also have experience linking evidence with the applicable law to pursue a favorable outcome. For example, they could use medical records and pain diaries to show the injury’s impact on your quality of life.

What Are Common Treatments for Knee Injuries?

The most common method for treating a knee injury is to rest, ice the area, use compression (like bandage wraps), and keep it elevated. Individuals who sustain more severe knee injuries may need surgery to address the damage. For example, surgical intervention may be necessary to repair or replace damaged tissue in the case of a torn ligament.

If someone’s injuries are severe, they may need a total knee replacement. Additionally, they might have to take medication or wear a brace to help manage their pain and discomfort before and sometimes after the knee heals. Finally, they may need to participate in physical therapy to help them regain strength, function, and range of motion in their knees.

The cost to treat a knee injury varies depending on its severity and the type of condition. Georgia law allows an injured party to seek compensation if they prove someone (like an individual or business) carries responsibility for what happened. Our knowledgeable Smyrna lawyers help people with knee injuries calculate their total expenses and develop a compensation package to request through court proceedings.

A Smyrna Attorney Who Takes Knee Injury Cases Could Help You Seek Compensation

If you have a knee injury because someone (like a doctor or a careless driver) made a mistake, you may be eligible for legal damages. By developing a case using Georgia law and applicable evidence, you could prove someone else is at fault and get the compensation you deserve for your troubles. Instead of preparing this case yourself, you may want to work with a seasoned attorney.

Our personal injury firm provides compassionate and personalized legal representation to those with knee injuries. We understand the widespread impact that damage to your knee can have on your life and are here to help bring you closer to justice. Contact a Smyrna knee injury lawyer at The Hammers Firm to set up an initial consultation.