Smyrna Fracture Injury Lawyer

Breaking your arm, leg, hand, wrist, or another bone in your body can prevent you from engaging in things that bring you joy or earn you a living. Fortunately, Georgia law allows those with bone fractures to file lawsuits against people who caused them harm. If you are in this position and win your case, you may be entitled to receive compensation to help make you whole after the pain and suffering you have endured.

A Smyrna fracture injury lawyer at The Hammers Firm could help you prepare your case and file it against the party liable for hurting you. Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys frequently help people by championing their best interests in court and during negotiations with insurance companies. We understand what is at stake in these cases and are here to support you during the legal process.

What Are Different Types of Fracture Injuries?

When someone fractures a bone, it means it is broken—but there are many ways that people can experience a break. Doctors tend to classify fractures by the shape, direction, and extent of the fracture.

For example, someone with a compression fracture has a piece of bone that bulges out of or pierces the skin. A greenstick fracture is a break that does not go through the bone entirely. Segmented fractures break in multiple places, leaving a portion of the bone unattached from the rest.

Fractures can be incredibly painful and often require medical intervention. Injured parties may need surgery to reset the bone or have an operation to keep it in place (such as having a cast put on). Our Smyrna fracture injury attorneys help individuals who experience bone fractures understand their legal rights when someone else is the cause of their physical condition.

How Do People Tend to Fracture Their Bones?

People can find themselves with broken bones for many reasons. For example, someone may have brittle bones, putting them at a higher risk of experiencing a fracture if they fall. Or they may injure their bones in a car crash because a drunk driver side-swept their vehicle.

Medical malpractice, including nursing home negligence or abuse, can also result in patients developing broken bones. Falling off a bicycle or getting in a motorcycle accident can also cause someone to break their bones. Finally, slipping and falling down a flight of stairs can also cause someone to break their arm or leg.

Broken bones can put people out of commission for quite some time and potentially carry other risks, like infections. Our well-practiced fracture injury lawyers in Smyrna are adept at drawing a connection between someone’s physical condition and the behavior of another. They could help you build a case against the person to blame for your pain and suffering.

Call a Smyrna Fracture Injury Attorney to Take Legal Action

If you had to miss work, call off family gatherings, or stop engaging in your hobbies because someone else caused you to suffer a broken bone, you might be eligible for a settlement package. You can exercise your right to receive compensation by bringing a lawsuit against the person or business that caused your fracture. Instead of handling the legal claim alone, you could set yourself up for success by contacting a licensed attorney you can trust.

Our dedicated legal team at The Hammers Firm are tireless advocates for those hurt because of the wrongdoing of others. We have the resources and legal knowledge to take down bad actors, including faceless corporations and insurance companies. Call a Smyrna fracture injury lawyer at our firm today to schedule your free consultation.