Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Smyrna

Regardless of the causes of traumatic brain injuries in Smyrna, the law empowers injured individuals to bring lawsuits if they can prove someone else injured them. For example, you may be eligible to receive a settlement if you were hurt in a car crash or bus accident or because of a doctor’s negligence. Preparing a lawsuit by yourself can take immense amounts of time and effort that might take you away from your other obligations, but a trusted attorney at The Hammers Firm may be able to help you maintain balance.

Our experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers understand how challenging it can be to suffer a concussion or brain damage because of someone else’s behavior. Through no fault of your own, you may be experiencing impaired functioning and difficulty performing tasks that you used to do every day with ease. We are here to understand your struggle and determine if legal compensation may be available.

What Does a Traumatic Brain Injury Look Like?

People who suffer from traumatic brain injuries may experience a range of symptoms—including physical, cognitive, and mood changes. For example, it is common for TBI victims to experience headaches, neck pain or stiffness, nausea, and tiredness. They may also undergo changes in their thinking, such as slowed or sped-up thought patterns or difficulty making decisions.

Those with a concussion may also display changes in their mood or personality. For example, they might anger easily, have difficulty concentrating, feel excitable, or worry incessantly about things they would not usually be bothered by. Injured parties might overlook these symptoms, thinking they are par for the course after an accident, but they may be signs of a concussion or other serious problem.

Even if the symptoms seem minor, you should seek medical attention to address a possible concussion or another type of TBI. The doctor can explain the steps to take to help the healing process and prevent further damage. Seeing a doctor can also help create an evidentiary link between the accident and your injuries, something our skilled Smyrna attorneys can use later in your TBI lawsuit.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Many activities can cause traumatic brain injuries. For example, hockey, basketball, football, and soccer often result in head injuries because of contact with the ball (or puck), court, or other players. Likewise, cheerleading routines and ballet can lead to people hitting their heads on the floor, wall, or others.

Other common causes of TBIs in Smyrna include:

If someone trips on a loose cable at a museum, they might hit their head on the floor, a glass case, or the wall, resulting in a head injury. Finally, if emergency responders are not careful when transporting an injured person, they might allow them to hit their head in an ambulance, causing them to experience a TBI.

At The Hammers Firm, our dedicated lawyers help injured parties connect their concussion or other TBI and someone else’s actions. We know what evidence to look for and how to use it to boost your case in court. Our knowledgeable legal team could also help you calculate the cost of your injury and use this figure to guide settlement talks.

Our Smyrna Attorneys Hold Negligent Parties Who Cause TBIs Accountable

Traumatic brain injuries can lessen your ability to think, work, and function like you could before an accident. Pursuing a claim under Georgia law may allow you to tell your story and receive fair compensation for your suffering. Many injured parties find that filing a lawsuit helps them find a path to closure after their experiences.

Our skilled lawyers have worked with clients who have suffered from many different causes of traumatic brain injuries in Smyrna. We welcome the chance to work with you and understand how a TBI has impacted your life. Contact The Hammers Firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our committed legal professionals.