Smyrna Boat Accident Lawyer

Taking a boat out onto the water near Smyrna is a favorite activity of thousands of people. Whether people do this to go fishing, waterskiing, sailing, or simply to relax, it is important to remember that injuries can occur.

In many of these situations, an injury is the fault of another person. If this is the case, that other person is liable for providing compensation for all the resulting damage. This can include physical injuries, property damage, emotional trauma, and lost wages.

A Smyrna boat accident lawyer could help you to collect these payments. A skilled attorney can help to gather evidence concerning the incident, connect that incident to a boater’s negligence, measure a person’s losses, and seek out fair compensation from insurance companies or in court.

Common Examples of Boat Accidents that are Another Person’s Fault

Boat accidents are common occurrences on the waters around Smyrna. This is despite the collection of local laws and regulations that exist to make boating a safer experience for everyone. In fact, violations of these laws are a leading source of accidents. Boaters who speed, fail to use proper lights at night, who use improper docking etiquette, or who do not properly maintain their vessels are far more likely to be involved in incidents that result in injuries.

These incidents may affect other boaters. However, they are just as likely to impact passengers on the boats themselves, swimmers, and even people standing on docks or onshore. In short, failures to follow the rules of the water can lead to incidents that leave boaters liable for all resulting damage. A Smyrna boat accident attorney could take the lead to investigate the cause of an accident and place blame on a negligent boater.

Typical Sources of Compensation After Accidents

Boating collisions can impact a person’s life in a variety of ways. It falls to an injured person to prove the extent of their losses in court or during settlement negotiations. As a result, a Smyrna boat accident attorney can help to gather proof of the extent of a person’s losses and to place dollar values on the way that an accident has changed an individual’s life.

Naturally, most boat accident cases center around physical injuries. These can include broken bones, concussions, separated joints, and complications from these incidents occurring on the water. Negligent boaters are liable for providing payments for all necessary medical care connected to the incident.

Additionally, a claim must evaluate the other impacts of the accident on a victim’s life. This can include:

  • Emotional traumas
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • A loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost income from missing work
  • Permanent disabilities

Proving the extent of one’s losses is just as important as demonstrating fault for a boating accident. A Smyrna boat accident attorney can take the lead in this process. Finally, an attorney can help to pursue a case on time. O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 places a time limit of two years following an injury to seek out compensation. Contact an attorney immediately to let them get to work.

Let a Smyrna Boat Accident Attorney Take the Lead in Your Case

Boating accidents have the potential to devastate a person’s immediate and long-term health. At the same time, they can cause immense pain, inflict severe emotional anguish, and jeopardize an individual’s ability to support their family. Whenever these incidents are another person’s fault, whether they impact another boater, a passenger, or a person on land, an at-fault boater is liable to provide compensation.

A Smyrna boat accident lawyer could help you to collect this compensation. This includes understanding how the incident impacted your life, building convincing cases against other boaters, and seeking fair payments in and out of court. Reach out to a Smyrna boat accident attorney today for a free consultation.