Damages in Sandy Springs Wrongful Death Cases

People who lose a member of their immediate family are able to seek compensation from the person who caused the death. Those responsible did not consider how their behavior would alter the hopes, dreams, and expectations of the people being supported by the person they killed.

When you have lost a loved one through the negligent actions of others, you are entitled to compensation by seeking damages in Sandy Springs wrongful death cases. An experienced wrongful death lawyer from The Hammers Firm could get you the money you deserve.

Paying of Compensatory Damages

Compensation is not paid immediately: The burden is on you to provide evidence to back up each of the damages you have requested. This evidence must show the negligent parties are primarily responsible for your loved one’s death.

You could present this evidence through meetings with the responsible person or group’s insurance company—where you might reach a settlement—or through a jury trial. A trial likely requires the testimony of friends, family, law enforcement officers, and experts; their responses to your lawyer’s questions would go to support your wrongful death claim. Should the court issue a final judgment in your favor, it will include the amount of compensation for each damage.

An attorney from our firm could ensure the timely payment of damages in a wrongful death case in Sandy Springs by having the responsible person’s assets seized or their wages garnished.

Calculating Compensatory Damages

Monetary damages are how much money the responsible parties owe you for taking the life of an essential member of your household. Georgia law does not cap the maximum damages you could ask for in compensation for the loss of a loved one.

Economic damages are expenses you can measure, like medical bills. You should keep a folder with all bill notices and expenses accumulated since your loved one’s passing; be sure to keep all documents in waterproof cases to prevent unexpected water damage. Save electronic bills to your computer and organize them in a digital folder. Bring all the paperwork to your attorney; they could document what you have collected and takes steps to collect what is still required.

Non-economic damages are expenses for which bills, receipts, and bank statements cannot determine the amount. These can include such hard to gauge costs as future wages of the deceased and the pain and suffering that comes from losing a spouse or parent.

For more information on how to determine compensatory damages in a wrongful death lawsuit in Sandy Springs, you should speak with a Hammers Firm attorney.

Requesting Damages

By filing a written complaint form, a lawyer can request damages for you by:

  • Valuing each harm
  • Quickly filing the complaint
  • Writing damage descriptions
  • Creating a specific list of all injuries
  • Amending the petition to include any updates

You could significantly increase your chances of receiving your desired compensation by contacting an attorney at our firm.

Contact a Sandy Springs Attorney for Help Seeking Damages in Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Losing a loved one is a difficult and stressful time; quite rightly, you want to focus on spending time with your family and not on engaging in

Grieving family members seeking damages in Sandy Springs wrongful death cases should speak with one of the attorneys at The Hammers Firm to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.