Investigations Following a Sandy Springs Uber Accident

Although buses, trains, and taxis still exist, Uber and other ridesharing services are far more common than traditional transportation methods. Ridesharing services are generally a reliable and cheap method of transportation. However, large rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft often deny coverage when accidents occur.

When you suffer harm in an accident with an Uber driver, work with a proactive rideshare crash attorney who could aggressively fight Uber’s insurance company and win you the compensation you deserve. Our seasoned team of lawyers at The Hammers Firm understand how to conduct thorough investigations following a Sandy Springs Uber accident.

Uber Conducts Investigations Following Accidents

After any incident, passengers can report to Uber directly through the app or The company reviews complaints and assigns the most serious complaints—such as those involving crashes—to trained Uber employees. They research complaints to determine fault for the wreck and whether Uber is legally responsible for any of the damages and losses from the accident.

Uber’s interests are often different than those of injured passengers or motorists. As a company, Uber is often more concerned with maintaining company finances than uncovering details of the incident. Uber investigative agents work to protect the company from liability. To contend with Uber, meet with one of The Hammers Firm’s skilled attorneys to discuss the investigation after your Sandy Springs Uber crash.

Contact Your Attorney to Perform Independent Investigations

Uber’s investigative agents protect the company’s best interests, so seeking legal counsel who could protect your interests is crucial. Our diligent local attorneys could carefully investigate the crash and gather evidence that Uber agents might have purposely or unintentionally overlooked.

Our Sandy Springs lawyers are experienced in handling investigations following Uber accidents and could assist your case by:

  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Skillfully reviewing police reports
  • Visiting the crash scene and searching the area for additional evidence
  • Subpoenaing cellphone records if they suspect the Uber driver was texting
  • Obtaining a copy of the Uber driver’s blood alcohol level test if they suspect they were driving under the influence

After securing evidence, our knowledgeable attorneys could present proof to Uber’s investigative team and negotiate a fair settlement with Uber and their insurance company.

Work With a Sandy Springs Attorney Who Knows How to Investigate an Uber Accident

Accidents involving rideshare vehicles add complexity to an already challenging situation. Discerning the precise cause of the accident could help you gain peace of mind and a chance to pursue justice.

When you sustain injuries after a rideshare wreck, contact a lawyer experienced in investigations following a Sandy Springs Uber accident. Call The Hammers Firm now to schedule an appointment with our committed legal team to discuss your situation.