Sandy Springs Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

Commercial property owners are legally responsible for keeping their property safe. A business owner’s failure to maintain suitable conditions could be negligent. The company could be held liable when you are injured in a store or other commercial property. To prove a negligence claim against a business, you must demonstrate that the property owner’s failure to address hazards on their premises caused your injuries.

Contact a Sandy Springs commercial property premises liability lawyer at The Hammers Firm. Our seasoned premises liability attorneys are well-versed in Georgia’s commercial property laws and could advise you of your legal rights and options.

Common Causes of Commercial Premises Liability Cases

There are many ways you could be harmed on commercial property. Dangerous conditions like uneven flooring, spilled liquids, snow, and ice can all lead to injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Many commercial premises liability cases involve slip and fall accidents. A business owner can be liable for a customer tripping on their premises. Hazards like messy aisles or poor lighting often cause customers to slip or trip; commercial property owners should take necessary precautions to address dangerous conditions.

Negligent Security Accidents

Other common commercial property accidents involve negligent security. When a commercial property owner fails to take appropriate security measures to keep guests or employees safe, they are liable for any resulting damages. Relevant factors in these cases include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Faulty locks or alarms
  • Lack of security guards

A diligent commercial property premises liability attorney in Sandy Springs could collect evidence of the listed negligent conditions.

Commercial property owners have heightened responsibility for their visitors. For example, they must frequently check for hazardous conditions, address the issue, or warn their guests with proper signage. An injured customer can sue for their injuries if they can demonstrate the property owner failed to address hazards.

Avoiding Commercial Property Accidents

One of the most significant risks store owners face is someone hurting themselves on their property. Business owners must use reasonable care and are held to the same standard as other commercial property owners. This means that if a reasonable business owner frequently inspects their parking lot for debris, a business owner’s failure to do so could be considered negligent.

Business owners should assign employees to check for potential hazards to avoid accidents. Employees should be trained to use proper signage and clear debris if a spill or other hazard is identified. Business owners should frequently check parking lots, floors, walkways, stairs, and restrooms for dangerous conditions. A skilled Sandy Springs business premises liability lawyer could discern if a store owner took proper precautions.

Hire a Sandy Springs Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney

When you are injured at a business or other commercial property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. When a property owner was negligent in addressing a dangerous condition causing your injury, you could recover the cost of your medical treatment, lost wages, and other related losses. Contact a Sandy Springs commercial property premises liability lawyer to evaluate your legal rights and remedies. Our dedicated team of attorneys at The Hammers Firm are ready to fight for you.