Sandy Springs Negligent Security Lawyer

You are entitled to adequate safety and security when you are on someone else’s property. When landowners fail to take adequate safety measures to protect those visiting their land, they can and should be held legally responsible for any harm. You could be entitled to financial compensation if you suffered injuries due to negligent security on someone else’s land. A Sandy Springs negligent security lawyer regularly represents those injured due to inadequate safety precautions.

When you hire one of our proactive personal injury attorneys to handle your case, they will gather evidence to support your claim. For example, our diligent legal professionals could review witness statements and security footage to prove the property owner was negligent. Other relevant evidence to support your claim may include the local crime rates, medical records, and police reports. If our legal team can prove the crime was foreseeable and the property owner should have taken steps to improve security, you could recover damages for the harm you suffered from the incident. Do not hesitate to contact us to understand your legal rights and options when you suffer a preventable injury on someone else’s property.

Premises Liability in Sandy Springs

Negligent security cases are personal injury claims based on premises liability. In Georgia, property owners have a legal responsibility to take reasonable precautions to prevent foreseeable harm to people expected to be on their property. Negligent security cases are civil claims against property owners who fail to keep visitors safe from crimes like robbery, assault, rape, or battery.

When you are the victim of a crime on someone else’s property due to the property owner’s failure to take safety precautions, you may be able to hold them legally liable. You could bring a negligent security lawsuit if you can prove the crime could have been prevented with adequate security. Some common examples of negligent security practices include:

  • Poor lighting;
  • Lack of emergency exits;
  • Broken locks or alarm systems;
  • Failure to install security cameras; and
  • Inadequate training for security guards.

Speak with an experienced Sandy Springs negligent security attorney if you suffered injuries due to a preventable crime on someone else’s property.

Recoverable Damages in a Negligent Security Case

Through a successful personal injury lawsuit, you could pursue financial damages from a negligent property owner. The amount of money you receive will vary depending on the nature of your injuries and other relevant factors. But typically, injured parties can expect to recover the cost of:

  • Medical care;
  • Lost income;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional trauma; and
  • Other related losses from the incident.

It can be challenging to prove negligent security, but with the help of a skilled Sandy Springs lawyer, you could hold negligent property owners responsible for their inadequate safety measures. While property owners are not charged with preventing all harm on their property, they are obligated to take reasonable precautions to minimize the risk of danger. This can be as simple as installing cameras or alarm systems and using proper lighting. There is no excuse for a failure to take such measures—especially when crime is foreseeable in a particular area.

Get in Touch with a Sandy Springs Negligent Security Attorney

Negligent security cases can be difficult to win, but your chances of obtaining a successful verdict or settlement increase if you work with a well-practiced attorney from our firm. Our legal professionals are dedicated to helping injured parties obtain the fair compensation they need to recover. While no amount of money can reverse your injuries, financial damages for your medical bills, lost income, and other related losses can help you move forward.

A Sandy Springs negligent security lawyer could advocate on your behalf and gather evidence to support your claim. Moreover, we will advise you of the relevant laws and procedures that apply to your case. Contact our office to set up a free consultation if you were injured on someone else’s property due to negligent security.