Sandy Springs Hypoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

When an accident causes you to lose consciousness, and you do not get enough oxygen to your brain, you may suffer a hypoxic brain injury. The lack of oxygen leads to impairment and then the death of the brain cells.

A restriction of oxygen to the brain for even a couple of minutes can lead to permanent brain damage. When injuries occur because of someone else’s negligence, you could join with a traumatic brain injury attorney to hold that person accountable for the damages they caused. Call a Sandy Springs hypoxic brain injury for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Common Hypoxic Brain Injury Causes

A hypoxic brain injury can occur if your brain lacks oxygen for a few minutes, and there are very few treatment options for the condition. For the best chance of recovery, you must seek immediate care from a health professional and receive quality treatment and follow-up care. Some of the most common calamities and injuries leading to hypoxic brain damage include:

Not all of these situations will show the results of a hypoxic injury straight away, which is why you need to pay attention to your body after experiencing this level of trauma.

Symptoms of a Hypoxic Brain Injury

There are all kinds of symptoms you may experience after a hypoxic brain injury, but some are more typical than others. Some of the most common hypoxic brain injury symptoms include:

  • Balance issues
  • Headache
  • Seizures
  • Trouble speaking and swallowing
  • Personality changes

The injuries can lead to permanent changes in your mood or behaviors. A Sandy Springs Hypoxic brain injury attorney could investigate and find the evidence necessary to prove another party liable.

Time Limit to File a Lawsuit in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is a common cause of hypoxic brain injuries. There are state laws in place that allow you to file lawsuits against negligent medical care professionals.

Yet, there are time limits and other civil statutes that apply to these claims. Per the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-71, you must file a claim for damages against liable healthcare providers within two years of the cause of action. If you did not immediately know that you were harmed, you will have two years from the day you reasonably discover the injuries.

However, in no medical malpractice claims should the plaintiff file a medical malpractice lawsuit more than five years after sustaining the injuries. An advocate who serves Sandy Springs and has experience with hypoxic brain injury cases could ensure that your claim is filed promptly and properly.

Call a Skilled Sandy Springs Hypoxic Brain Injury Attorney Today

A hypoxic brain injury can lead to permanent damage and disabilities and adversely affect every aspect of your life. If someone else’s carelessness caused your injury, you could be eligible for compensation. However, civil law and personal injury procedures are complex.

A hard-working Sandy Springs hypoxic brain injury lawyer could help you navigate the civil claims process and recover a fair settlement. If you need help to recover compensation for your damages and losses, call soon to schedule a time to meet with us.