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As a consumer, you assume the items you buy online and in stores will work effectively, but some products could inflict minor to major injuries during use. If you recently purchased an item and it caused you serious harm, speak with a Roswell defective products lawyer as soon as possible. You could receive compensation for the damages and injuries you sustained.

Working with a local injury attorney brings attention to the defective product, possibly on a state or national scale. Depending on the item in question, many other consumers could have gotten hurt and wanted to file legal claims. If more claims come against the product, the case becomes stronger, and it becomes more likely you and fellow plaintiffs may be eligible to recover compensation for damages.

How Faulty Product Liability is Established

For negligence-based product liability claims in Roswell, an attorney must show that your injuries are a direct result of product use, such as an inherently dangerous item that caused physical harm despite following manufacturer instructions. Strict liability does not involve showing negligence on the defendant’s part. However, it does require showing that the defendant was the product’s manufacturer. The legal professional must also show that the product was faulty when it left the manufacturer and that its defective nature caused injuries.

Defective items can cause assorted injuries depending on type and use, including:

Faulty items can include kitchen tools that have the potential to burn and severely cut skin, and medical equipment that fails to work properly, causing blood clots and heart failure. Other potentially defective products include vehicle parts, children’s toys, power tools, and major appliances, among others.

Are There Different Types of Product Defects?

Faulty products come in three main forms. If the item is inherently dangerous, it typically features a design defect that should have been noted and resolved. Other products feature safe designs but undergo damage during the manufacturing process that makes them dangerous. Failure or duty to warn means the product did not feature sufficient warnings or instructions that prevent user errors and injuries. A practiced lawyer in Roswell could cite these reasons as evidence to defend your product liability claim.

Designers, manufacturers, and distributors face liability charges depending on where in the supply chain the defect happened. Retailers may also face legal problems if they knew a product was hazardous or did not feature adequate labeling but sold it anyway.

Statute of Limitations of Hazardous Item Cases in Roswell

Georgia Code § 51-1-11 details the state’s product liability laws, including the statute of limitations for filing legal claims. Generally, you cannot take legal action 10 years after the date of the merchandise’s first sale for consumption or use. Time limits can vary by product, making it important for you to consult a local legal professional about your case.

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