Roswell Child Injury Lawyer

If a child suffers severe injuries, it is devastating for the whole family. While no amount of money could make up for another’s actions harming your child, holding the careless party financially accountable provides some justice, and the award amount could lessen the financial stress in the aftermath of severe injuries.

Reaching out to a qualified civil attorney could ease some stress and allow you to focus on your child. If another’s carelessness caused your child to get in an avoidable accident, contact a compassionate and hard-working Roswell child injury lawyer to schedule a consultation.

Common Accidents that Affect Children

Children frequently suffer minor injuries due to simple mishaps. However, there are also cases of negligent actions that cause them to sustain severe, life-threatening, or even fatal injuries. Some of the common causes include:

If another person’s careless actions lead to a child’s suffering, the court will hold the negligent party accountable. A Roswell attorney could investigate the case from top to bottom to find the liable party and evidence needed to prove liability for the child’s injuries.

Recovering Damages on Behalf of an Injured Child

With help from a seasoned civil attorney, families in Roswell could seek economic and non-economic damages against the party that caused their child’s injury. The award amount will depend significantly on the specifics of the case.

However, after a successful civil claim for damage recovery, the court could award compensation for medical expenses, prescription costs, and any other out-of-pocket expenses. The award could also cover the emotional anguish and distress and pain and suffering the child suffers.

What is the Filing Deadline for a Minor Claimant?

A plaintiff must file a legal action for personal injury claims in this state within two years. However, as per the Georgia Code §9-3-33, the time does not begin accruing until the minor’s 18th birthday in child injury lawsuits. The statue will start running that day and expire on their 20th birthday.

When young people suffer injuries, the parents or guardians also sustain financial damages because of the accident. Civil law allows the child’s guardians to recover their losses. They must follow the statute and file the claim within two years of the cause of action. A diligent child injury lawyer in Roswell could handle the legal work and answer questions on civil statutes.

Schedule a Consultation with a Qualified Child Injury Attorney in Roswell

No parent wants to see their child in pain, and if your child’s harm was the result of another person’s negligence, it is understandable for you to be angry. Fortunately, our legal team is prepared to take the necessary steps to recover substantial compensation from the party responsible.

Working with a Roswell child injury lawyer could put your family in the best position possible to recover the compensation your family needs to move on from this tragedy. Call now to get started.