Side-Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents in Roswell

Side-impact collisions can leave motorists with serious injuries. These T-bone accidents typically happen when a driver commits a traffic infraction. A careless traffic violation negatively alters the daily lives of upstanding drivers—drivers who were merely venturing to their destinations when caught in the crossfire of a negligent motorist.

When a negligent motorist causes you or a loved one harm in a side-impact/T-bone accident in Roswell, we could help. The skilled motor vehicle crash attorneys at The Hammers Firm could seek compensation for your injuries, vehicle damages, and other ensuing harm.

Common Causes of Side-Impact/T-Bone Crashes

When side-impact/T-bone crashes occur, a reckless driver is usually behind the wheel. A driver is reckless when actively breaching their duty to drive on the roads and highways in Georgia responsibly. Every person driving through Roswell has a legal obligation not to operate a vehicle in any way that could cause harm to others. However, drivers regularly violate this responsibility by engaging in conduct such as:

Unfortunately, there are more motorists on the road than law enforcement personnel, so many individuals actively speed, believing they will avoid a ticket. However, they fail to consider how their decision to exceed the speed limit can change—or take—the lives of others. For example, a speeding driver could put a person in a wheelchair or kill them when they T-bone their vehicle while speeding to make it through a yellow light.

Failure to yield accidents happen when one driver refuses to allow another motorist to exercise their right of way in traffic. Failing to yield situations causing side-impact collisions tend to occur at four-way stops when an offending driver goes at the same time as the driver with the right of way. Drivers who sustain injuries in crashes of these sorts can sue the motorist for damages.

Persons fleeing crime scenes are more prone to commit serious traffic offenses that can cause bodily injuries to lawful drivers. For example, a carjacking suspect could T-bone a vehicle while speeding on a highway in an attempt to escape law enforcement officers. The injured driver can file a civil claim against the fleeing suspect and potentially the city for damages. If an officer mistakenly sideswipes the car of an innocent driver, the driver can likely still sue the fleeing suspect for damages.

Running stop signs and driving with distractions tend to go hand in hand. For example, a driver sending or reading messages on an electronic device while driving could run a stop sign because their eyes are not on the road. In such a scenario, if a lawful driver T-bone’s the vehicle of the negligent texter, a side-impact collision lawyer in Roswell could bring a legal claim for compensation on behalf of the lawful driver because the accident likely occurred through little to no fault of their own.

Liability for Sideswipe Collisions

To hold a person accountable for bodily injuries and property damage in a personal injury lawsuit, the claimant has to meet a high burden of proof. This means the evidence they present has to be compelling enough to establish—through settlement or at trial—that the other driver was primarily responsible for the collision. Particularly under Georgia Code § 51-12-33, a motorist cannot recover in a lawsuit if the defending driver shows the motorist was at least 50 percent at fault for the crash.

If a claimant is seen as the majority at fault, they will not be able to recover monetary compensation for their medical bills, long-term treatment costs, replacement vehicle, and pain and suffering.

Our dedicated T-bone crash lawyers in Roswell could refute accusations of a claimant’s fault and build a strong case to win fair compensation on their behalf.

Enlist the Help of a Roswell Side-Impact/T-Bone Accident Lawyer

Proper representation is essential to positive outcomes in civil litigation. These cases are adversarial, where persons are extremely disadvantaged if they do not have legal counsel.

Our team of seasoned attorneys at The Hammers Firm could provide the representation you need to obtain the comprehensive monetary award you need and deserve following a side-impact/T-bone accident in Roswell. Call our firm today to get started.