Rollover Car Accidents in Roswell

Unfortunately, rollover car accidents are common in Georgia; they are not just confined to action movie scenes. These types of crashes tend to leave behind lots of wreckage and can result in intensive injuries, such as bodily harm and property damage. An injured party should not be responsible for paying for these losses if the accident resulted directly from another driver’s misconduct.

When you or someone you love suffers harm in a rollover car accident in Roswell, one of our experienced auto collision attorneys at The Hammers Firm could help you seek the fair compensation you deserve for the full extent of your accident-related damages.

Frequent Causes of Rollover Crashes

Rollover car crashes often happen at high speeds and are the result of multiple factors, some of which include:

Loss of Control

Loss of control rollover crashes can occur with or without the careless behavior of a driver. For example, an inattentive motorist’s car could flip over due to their attempt to re-correct the wheels after noticing their car was swerving when they momentarily took their eyes off the road to read a text message. In such a situation, the injured driver could still file a personal injury lawsuit despite their negligence if the rollover crash was primarily due to a manufacturing defect or mechanical error.

Vehicle Defects

Furthermore, a flip-over accident could happen as soon as a motorist drives a vehicle off a dealership’s lot because of a manufacturing defect. In this case, the injured driver could sue the carmaker and possibly the dealership if they were aware of the defective nature of the vehicle.

Mechanic Errors

A rollover car collision could occur because of the negligence of a vehicle maintenance shop or individual mechanic. For example, a rollover crash could result from a mechanic who did not fully screw back on the lugnuts of the driver’s car. In such a situation, the injured driver and any of the vehicle passengers could sue both the repair shop and mechanic for damages.

Negligent Motorists

Negligent motorists can cause rollover accidents. For example, a driver running a red light could cause the driver of another vehicle to flip over as they make a sudden brake to avoid hitting the speeding car. A jackknife truck accident could result in cars rolling over as they attempt to avoid colliding with other vehicles or the big rig. Persons who sustain bodily injuries in these types of collisions can file a personal injury lawsuit for damages against the at-fault motorist.

Automobile personal injury lawsuits involve hostile wrongdoers who try to evade liability. To achieve a fair and substantial settlement or jury award in a case, injured drivers and families should reach out to a skilled rollover car crash attorney in Roswell to file their claim.

Rollover Collisions and Subsequent Injuries

Rollover accidents are high-impact collisions that often result in severe to life-threatening injuries. One common kind of injury in these types of crashes is traumatic brain injuries, resulting in unconsciousness and subsequent cognitive issues. Other frequent injuries that may result from rollover wrecks include:

When bringing forth a personal injury lawsuit a person can demand the at-fault driver pay their hospital bills and continuous medical care they are receiving for their injuries. They can also ask for damages that are more difficult to value, such as those concerning emotional harm and the mental anguish of a debilitating condition.

If someone passes away because of life-threatening injuries from a rollover accident, their surviving spouse and children could file a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit is allowable under Georgia Code § 51-4-2. One of The Hammers Firm’s knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers could provide comprehensive advice to anyone injured or who lost a loved one in a rollover auto collision in Roswell.

Contact a Roswell Attorney After a Rollover Car Accident

A proactive lawyer could settle your case or provide superior representation in jury trials. However, personal injury lawsuits in Georgia must be brought within two years of the accident. So, you should start your claim as soon as possible by reaching out to our team of dedicated legal professionals at The Hammers Firm.

We have experience seeking fair financial recovery for those involved in rollover car accidents in Roswell. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.