Marietta Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating Marietta, GA accidents. Most of them lead to severe injuries for all those involved and some victims die. The number of truck crashes in Georgia is not large but the few accidents that happen lead to many losses. If you are a victim in an accident with a truck, things can be a bit confusing. You may not know what to do. The first action, as in any other accident, is to get help and ensure that you are safe. Do not ignore any pains that you may have. In fact, even if you don’t believe you are injured, you should get checked out by a medic. As soon as you can, you need to inform your truck accident attorney in Marietta, GA about the collision.

It is important that you have legal representation after a Marietta, GA crash. You will need someone to represent you if your insurance claim is denied or you need to file a lawsuit. Your injury lawyer in Marietta will guide you on what you need to do every step of the way. He will help you to file your claim so that you can recover your losses.

Types of Truck Accidents and How Your Truck Accident Lawyer in Marietta Can Help

Many truck accidents cause severe injuries to the victims but it depends on the type of accident. Many crashes are due to the negligence of the driver but sometimes mechanical factors play a role. The most common types of accidents that happen in Marietta, GA are:

Jackknife Accidents

These accidents occur, especially with large trucks. The driver hits the breaks so suddenly and hard that the back of the truck swings out to the side. It mimics an open jackknife. When these accidents occur, the body of the truck may end up blocking the whole road. The result of such an occurrence is usually a multi-vehicle accident involving cars on either side of the road. It tends to be very severe especially when there is a traffic jam.

Rolling Over

This is another very common Marietta, GA truck accident where the truck rolls forward or sideways. It can be caused by things such as breaking suddenly or trying to avoid a head-on collision. If the accident happens on the road, it is likely that it will drag other vehicles and pedestrians. Because of this, it can be devastating.

Head-on Collisions

These happen when a truck collides directly with another vehicle. There are many causes of head-on collisions. For example, the truck’s breaks may fail while the driver is overtaking. A head-on collision may also be caused when one or both drivers are speeding. Neither may be able to shun the other in time.

Running a Red Light

This is usually due to the recklessness of the truck driver. It can lead to a T-bone accident. The driver may try to run a red light while another vehicle is coming at high speed. This will cause a crash. Running a red light is another common cause for multi-vehicle accidents in Marietta.

Rear End Accident

Due to the size of the truck, the driver may not know when exactly to slow down. If the driver needs to come to an emergency stop, the vehicles behind could easily crash into it. This type of accident is usually quite severe since two or more vehicles may end up rear-ending one another. In such accidents, it may be difficult to determine who was at fault. However, a truck accident lawyer in Marietta can help you to put together a case.

Underride Accidents

Many Marietta, GA trucks are quite high. If a smaller vehicle hits one from the back, it could easily go under the truck’s trailer. This type of accident is also quite dangerous since the car is at risk of being crushed or pinned. This is why you should always ensure that there is a good distance between your vehicle and a truck. If you cannot safely overtake, keep your distance. If the truck driver stops suddenly and you are too close, this type of accident is almost unavoidable.

What Are the Major Causes of Truck Accidents and Why Do You Need a Marietta Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents are usually quite severe due to the vehicle’s size. If the truck blocks the road, it almost always leads to a terrible crash. Here are some causes of truck accidents including some that are not necessarily the trucker’s fault:

Terrible Weather

If there is thick fog or the roads are wet, vehicles can easily crash into each other. Be careful not to overtake or drive too close to other road users. When there is ice, the driver can lose control of the vehicle. This is why you need to maintain a safe distance. If you become involved in a crash, inform your truck accident attorney in Marietta as soon as you can.

Untrained Truck Drivers

Untrained drivers have been known to be a major cause of truck accidents in Marietta, GA and around the country. Having a normal driver’s license doesn’t give you permission to drive a truck. It is important that you undergo training since handling a truck is a completely different thing. If you notice that a truck driver seems untrained or is reckless, you should take action. Stay out of their way and inform the police when you can safely do so.


Truck drivers often overload, hence making the vehicle difficult to drive. An overburdened or badly loaded can easily roll over, causing a collision with other road users. An overloaded truck is often slow and may struggle to move even on a level road. If you suspect that a truck is overloaded, you should drive away from it. Anything can happen when you least expect it and you want to avoid accidents. If you get into an accident with an overloaded truck, contact your Marietta truck accident attorney. He can help ensure that you get sufficient compensation. You can even get punitive damages since the driver knows that overloading endangers the lives of other motorists.


A speeding truck is quite dangerous since slowing it down is more difficult than the average car. If you are also speeding behind a truck, you could easily crash into it if it slows down. Therefore, you should take initiative and be careful around trucks; it just may save your life. However, if you get into an accident with a speeding truck, you need to hire a Marietta truck accident attorney. Hiring the best lawyer gives you an excellent chance of collecting damages for your injuries and property losses.

Blind Spots

When driving behind a Marietta, GA truck, always make sure that you can see their side mirrors. If you can’t see them, it means that they can’t see you either. If you end up crashing into the truck, you will be liable since you were being reckless. However, your truck accident lawyer Marietta can help you out of the situation if you contact him early enough. If you are not liable and the driver saw you, your Marietta truck accident attorney will work to prove it. Ensure that you are truthful in your statement and do not change it. That way, your Georgia truck accident attorney will know exactly where to start.

Dealing with truck accidents requires a Marietta truck accident attorney who is experienced in the field. That means that your truck accident attorney Marietta should know the laws involving trucks. You need to do your research before you choose a lawyer. An experienced truck accident attorney in Marietta will know exactly how to deal with the situation. If you choose not to have legal representation, you put yourself at risk of losing everything. You may not get the compensation that you deserve since the insurance company will take advantage of your inadequate knowledge.

Why Should You Hire a Marietta Truck Accident Attorney after a Truck Accident?

If you want to protect your rights, you should hire a truck accident attorney in Marietta, GA. The truck companies have huge legal divisions so you need to have someone to defend your interests. You need to take fast steps to ensure that you get ahead of the case. There are several reasons why you need a Marietta truck accident attorney soon after a truck accident.

Your Truck Accident Lawyer in Marietta Knows How to Investigate Your Case

In addition to acquiring the police report, your truck accident attorney in Marietta has to do his own investigation. He needs to find witnesses to the accident so you can prove your case. Contacting an attorney early is in your best interest since this gives him time to probe. It is easy for the truck companies to mess with the case since they have the resources to do so. It is best if your Marietta truck accident lawyer gets ahead of the case. He can secure everything you need to prove your innocence.

A Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help with Filing an Insurance Claim

Once your attorney has enough proof of your innocence, he can file for compensation. It is best that you have a legal representative during this process to avoid being cheated. The insurance and truck companies will not want to compensate you fully. As a result, they may offer a low settlement and refuse to reconsider. However, your experienced Georgia truck accident lawyer can convince them that you are entitled to more.

Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys are Prepared to Go to Court

It is usually preferable to settle your claim out of court. However, your attorney may advise that you go to court. This may happen if the insurance company continually refuses to make a good offer. When you go to court, the judge will review all the evidence and you may receive a lot more. This is another reason why you need a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident attorney in Marietta, GA. A Georgia truck accident attorney is in a better position to argue your case and get you what you deserve.

A Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta Can Skillfully Lead Negotiations

If the insurance company agrees to settle out of court, a Marietta truck accident attorney is vital. He will take the lead in the negotiations. He will work to ensure that you get a good compensation package that will cover all your losses. Doing this on your own may be difficult especially if you are injured. The insurance company’s adjusters and lawyer will intimidate you into agreeing to a low settlement. Since this will hardly cover what you have lost, your Georgia truck accident lawyer will fight for more.

Truck Accident Attorneys Understand the Law

Your Marietta truck accident attorney is knowledgeable about the laws surrounding trucks. Trucks are a bit different from normal vehicles so you need someone who understands that. Your lawyer will know which precedents to draw on when arguing your case. You don’t. If you were to undertake this alone, the result would only be a failure to make the right choice.

Contact the Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers at Hammers Law Firm Law Offices for a Consultation

If you are involved in a truck accident, you need help to ensure that you get what you deserve. Having a dedicated truck accident attorney on your case will benefit you in many ways. Hiring a lawyer should be the first move you make after getting medical attention. Call Hammers Law Firm law offices and our truck accident attorneys in Marietta will assist you. With adequate details about what happened, we will devise the perfect plan for you. We are your best option to ensure that you do not pay for an accident that you didn’t cause.