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Bicycles are becoming an attractive alternative to driving in Cobb County and especially in Mableton. In fact, it has been gaining in popularity throughout the state. Unfortunately, the number of bike accidents has increased as well, by 21% from 2015 to 2016. At Hammers Law Firm, our accident injuries have more and more clients in need of a bike accident lawyer.

It makes sense since bikers are among the most vulnerable traffic participants. In the event of an accident, they suffer the most severe injuries, since they have no airbag or seatbelt protection. Many end up needing months of treatment and therapy. The expenses they incur reach huge amounts.

Their best chance to recover those expenses is to work with a Mableton bicycle accident lawyer. The latter can explain Georgia laws, defend their interests, and obtain the compensation they deserve. Since laws influence the outcome of any accident case, we will review the most important ones below.

Main Georgia Laws Mableton Bike Accident Lawyers Explain to Their Clients

One of the most important law principles governing all accidents is contributory negligence. Under Georgia laws, all the parties involved in an accident may share fault for it. Each party is therefore responsible for the share of damages corresponding to their liability percentage.

That is why many victims find themselves being blamed for their own accident. To avoid liability and losing compensation, they should consult a Mableton bicycle accident lawyer. The latter will review the applicable laws with them and assess their liability.

If allowed, they will prove their client’s innocence and secure the deserved compensation. Even if a bicyclist was partly at fault for their accident, they should still recover some of their losses. The best way to find out the worth of their claim is worth is to let a Mableton bike accident lawyer review it.

In Georgia, bikes qualify as vehicles. Their riders have to obey the same laws as drivers. However, there are also laws specific to only motorized vehicles and only bikes. We will review the most relevant bike law stipulations in the following lines.

Main Georgia Bike Law Stipulations a Bicycle Accident Attorney May Review with Their Clients

  • Bikers should use regular seats. They should not carry persons on their handlebars.
  • The number of bike users should always match the vehicle specifications. If it does not, the biker should report it to their bicycle accident lawyer.
  • Small children can only travel by bike in special safety seats. They should wear helmets. Other options for their transportation are affixed trailers. Adequate child restraints are a must as well.
  • Bicyclists should not attach their bikes to or hold on to vehicles in traffic. If they do, and an accident occurred, they will share liability for it. Not even the best bike lawyer may be able to help.
  • Bicyclists should ride their bikes on the right side of the road or on dedicated pathways. They may violate this stipulation to avoid obstacles, turn, or change lanes.
  • It is illegal for more than two bikers to ride abreast. Also, bikes should never overtake vehicles in their own lane. Those who do will definitely need the best Mableton bike accident lawyer on their case.
  • Carrying packages and bundles is subject to restrictions as well. These have to fit in the bike’s basket and allow proper balance and adequate restraining. If one falls and causes an accident, the bicyclist will be at fault. They will need an excellent bicycle accident lawyer on their side to avoid liability.
  • At night, bikes need Department of Public Safety-approved lights and reflectors. These should be visible from at least 300 feet. Their existence is the first thing Mableton bike accident lawyers check when accepting night-time cases.
  • All bikes should have functional brakes. These have to enable safe stopping. Their absence could equal liability and make the case difficult for any Mableton bike accident lawyer.
  • The handlebars of the bike should not exceed the rider’s shoulder level. The pedals should be at a maximum height of 12 inches from the pavement. Most bikes comply with these requirements. However, every attorney should be aware of the requirements.
  • Bikers younger than 16 years of age need cycling helmets. These should comply with the Snell Memorial Foundation or ANSI requirements. Every Mableton bike accident lawyer is familiar with these requirements.

Bikers who violated one or more of these laws may still be eligible for compensation. However, obtaining it will be more difficult. It will take the experience and skills of a lawyer. It is important to note that bike law violations do not often lead to accidents. Most bike accidents have similar causes to car and motorcycle accidents. Here are the ones lawyers encounter more frequently.

Frequent Accident Causes a Mableton Bike Accident Lawyer May Encounter

  • Speeding – High speed makes it impossible to avoid bike accidents. This is especially true on the crowded streets of Mableton. Bicycle paths are still lacking, and bikers have quite a few obstacles to avoid. Speed increases impact force, regardless of whether bikes or cars are involved. It often marks the boundary between life and death for bicyclists. Mableton bicycle accident lawyers always look for proof of speeding.
  • Distractions – From advertisements to landscapes and smartphones, traffic participants face many distractions. Those who cannot resist them jeopardize their lives and those of other road users. Distractions can be difficult to prove, so such cases need an experienced Mableton bike accident lawyer.
  • Alcohol intoxication – Drunk driving is a leading cause of accidents in Mableton. However, alcohol impairs bikers as well. It makes it difficult for them to maintain balance and stay in their lane. It affects their attention span and slows down their reactions. Impaired bikers have lower chances of obtaining compensation for their injuries. To increase those chances, they should work with an experienced Mableton bike accident lawyer.

Sometimes, accident causes are unclear. However, experienced attorneys succeed in identifying them. They review the police accident report and conduct their own investigations if they have to.

Based on their findings, they will advise their clients on what to do next. At Hammers Law Firm, our lawyers always guide clients throughout the claim process. Many times, our advice prevents them from making mistakes and helps them win the case.

Common Advice Any Mableton Bike Accident Lawyer Should Give Their Clients

  • Seek medical attention after the accident – Many accident victims do not experience symptoms due to the adrenaline rush. They refuse medical assistance. Sometimes, their refusal delays the diagnosis of internal injuries, whiplash, and even traumatic brain injuries. If these worsen, the aggravations become the responsibility of the victim. That is why most Mableton bike accident lawyers advise their clients to undergo a medical evaluation.
  • Obtain the contact and insurance details of everyone involved – Accidents do not always occur the way the victim remembers them. Some details only become obvious later on. Moreover, even the best Mableton bicycle accident lawyer needs to know against whom to take action. Those who have the contact and insurance information of everyone involved have nothing to worry about.
  • Gather evidence from the scene – The accident scene is the best source of evidence in an accident case. Lawyers advise their clients to look for brake and skid marks. They recommend photographing the cars and the overall scene and recording any discussions. Identifying potential witnesses and surveillance cameras helps as well. It is better to have more evidence than necessary rather than conduct expensive investigations later.
  • Avoid harmful statements – The stress and the trauma of an accident can make people say or do strange things. A lawyer knows this better than anyone. Some victims apologize to everyone although they did nothing wrong. Others accuse everyone even though they have no evidence. There are also people who rush into signing statements and agreements without reading them. Such mistakes could cost them their case. Mableton bike accident lawyers advise against any rash actions or decisions.
  • Consult A lawyer – In theory, those who cause accidents should pay. Their victims should be able to receive their rightful compensation with minimum effort. In practice, the victim has to prove and defend their right to compensation. They have to do this against the clock, as the law only allows two years from the accident date. To ensure their success, they should consult a Mableton bike accident lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner the latter starts working on their case, the sooner they get their compensation.

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