Lawrenceville Paragard Injury Lawyer

Modern medicine offers women many effective forms of birth control. One popular option involves the use of intrauterine devices or IUDs. These devices act as a form of birth control by releasing small amounts of copper into the uterus and preventing conception. Sadly, we now know that many of these devices pose a serious threat to the health of patients.

Paragard is just one IUD option that has caused significant harm to women. Furthermore, Teva Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Paragard, knew about the risks that these devices pose to the health of patients. Their failures to disclose these risks may leave them liable for your losses. A Lawrenceville Paragard injury lawyer is dedicated to helping women and their families pursue the compensation that they deserve. If you suffered harm from an IUD, do not hesitate to speak with a compassionate product liability attorney.

The Risk Factors Present in IUDs

IUDs are small surgical devices that doctors can implant into the uterus as a long-term form of birth control. However, as with any surgical process, there are risks of complications.

Many women have reported that the Paragard devices have fractured while in their bodies, causing fragments to travel to important internal organs. Others have experienced complications during the removal of these items, with them breaking upon extraction.

The failures in the integrity of these devices can result in a variety of injuries. Women have reported infection, scarring, ectopic pregnancy, and increased blood pressure in the brain as the result of Paragard failures. If you have experienced these symptoms after the implantation of Paragard, you should contact a Lawrenceville attorney now to explore your legal options.

Do Paragard Injuries Fall Under Product Liability?

Even if it is clear that your injuries were the result of a Paragard implantation, it is not certain that you could collect compensation from Teva Pharmaceuticals. Each of these cases revolves around the concept of product liability. This places the burden of proving fault for an injury on the affected patient.

In the general sense, a product liability case must be able to prove that the maker of a product was negligent in allowing that product to go to market. This usually means that the product was not safe for its intended use. As applied to Paragard IUDs, this may mean that Teva allowed an unsafe design to go into production or had inadequate control over their manufacturing processes. A Lawrenceville lawyer could provide more information about product liability cases and take the lead in proving fault for a Paragard injury.

Filing Deadline in Lawrenceville

There is no way to tell how a defective Paragard IUD may affect a person’s health. Common symptoms of these device failures include heightened blood pressure in the brain, organ damage from fragments moving through the body, and dangerous ectopic pregnancies.

A lawsuit aims to collect the compensation necessary to pay for all needed medical care. In addition, they can seek out payments to make up for a person’s emotional traumas and lost wages.

No matter how serious an injury is, there is always a limited time under state law to come forward. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33 sets a time limit of two years after the discovery of an injury to attempt to hold the maker of a product liable for one’s losses. Talking with a Lawrenceville Paragard injury attorney today lets them get to work providing essential assistance.

Reach Out to a Lawrenceville Paragard Injury Attorney Now

The choice to receive an IUD as a form of birth control comes with benefits for many women. However, it is important to remember that these are surgical devices that go inside one’s body. This may lead to serious complications if those devices are defective or fail. Sadly, this has been the case with Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Paragard IUDs. If you have experienced medical problems after receiving one of these devices, you may be able to seek out substantial compensation.

A Lawrenceville Paragard injury lawyer at our firm wants to help you to collect these payments. We could take all necessary steps to investigate your experience, explain your rights, and pursue fair payments through settlements and lawsuits. Give us a call now, as the time to pursue a case may be running out.